Bitcoin back to its all-time high, according to repeat pattern

- 5 years BTCUSD-
Just looking at the image we could save the words.

A couple of references in text on the graph is the only thing we wanted to indicate. Everything speaks, apparently, by itself. Because it looks like it.

Following at a glance, and even carefully, you can guess that the 19k await us ... according to itinerary. And according to itinerary: there is not much left to go ... and just wait?

Well let's wait.

Bitcoin reached its all-time high on December 17, 2017. Climbing to $ 19,900.

It had been weeks, at that time, its price soaring for the avalanche of all kinds of purchases and, especially, for a large amount of funds that entered the market ... pushed since the appearance, in March, of the ETF promoted before the SEC by the Winklevoss brothers and finally a little push for the arrival of Bitcoin at the Chicago Stock Exchange at the end of that tremendous year for the leading cryptocurrency, 2017.

After: almost everything went down, until more than the beginning of 2019.

What drives you since March 18 of the current year? There has been everything that blew favorable winds for cryptocurrencies, such as the appearance of the highly announced Libra currency of Facebook, but some of those driving winds have vanished and all sorts of little positive comments have appeared, but the only thing that Doesn't it fade, it seems - with the 2017 chart - is your new escalation towards historical highs ... or towards the longed-for ceiling and in search of new highs? Yes, the graph looks like it in the comparison ... but does it look more vertical or stronger? It seems that the historical peak could be overlooked.



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